Volume 1, Issue 1 (2015)

Special Issue: ‘The Undead’

 Rob Shepherd


A Becoming Failure: Deathly Encounters in Peng Yu's Human Oil
 Simon van der Weele
Haunted Pancakes
 Steven Vrouwenvelder
From a Ten Hour Clock to a "Primitive" Robot: Metropolis as a Temporal Critique
 Zowi Vermeire
Where the Garment Gapes: On Objectification, Narrative Structure, and Sympathy in The Fermata versus Cashback
 Nienke Sinnema


Traditions Are Meant to Be Broken? A Review of the On the Move Exhibition
 Laurens van den Broek

Creative Writing

Ravens and Emperor
 Léo Masciarelli
Three Stages of Love
 Charlotte Gijzen