Steven Vrouwenvelder – Haunted Pancakes


The music scene in post-Soviet Latvia is not haunted solely by its communist past, but also by the musical countermovement against the Soviet Union. Iļģi, one of the most prominent post-folklore bands, tries to invent new ways to cope with both pasts. Firstly, this article investigates how the band deals with these pasts through "Pankūkas" (2008), a sequence of musical pieces that appears as a revenant specter on two different albums of the band. Secondly, I will use hauntology, a concept of the French philosopher Jacques Derrida, to analyze their music in terms of the past.


Iļģi, Latvian Music, Hauntology, Derrida.




Digressions 1.1 (2015), pp. 17-30

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Steven Vrouwenvelder - Haunted Pancakes