Call for Papers: “Drawing Yourself In and Out of It”

[Extended deadline 15 September 2018]


For its next issue, Digressions invites master’s, research master’s, and Ph.D. students, as well as recent graduates from a variety of disciplines and perspectives to submit papers in the burgeoning field of comics studies on the topic of drawing in and/or drawing out. We also encourage reviews of theoretical and/or artistic work, as well as original comics.


“So, where does a story begin? And if you are inside that story right now, in that situation and it hurts and say you can draw, then you must try and draw yourself out of it.”

-Miriam Katin, Letting it Go, 2013


To draw in can suggest an attraction, engagement, or involvement with an object, narrative, or cause, or can point to literally drawing someone or something into a work of art. To draw out can suggest an enticement to speak or act, a revelation of things hidden, or an extension of time, but can also be a literal or figural removal of one thing from another. Thus, drawing in and out speaks to an engrossment in and an examination of a politics of affect.


The special issue “Drawing Yourself In and Out of It” seeks to explore the notions of drawing in and drawing out in terms of the capacity to affect and to be affected. Such a consideration allows us to interrelate the politics of affect with the reading and production of comics in a variety of genres—including biography, autobiography, memoir, and fiction—, and fields—including journalism, history, and the medical humanities. With this special issue we aim to encourage an interdisciplinary dialogue from which to further engage with and reflect upon the power of this culturally shifting medium.


We encourage papers exploring the notions of drawing in and/or drawing out in relation to, for example:

  • Graphic Medicine
  • Art/Narrative Therapy
  • Journalism
  • (Micro)Politics and/or Art as Activism
  • Individual or Collective Memory and/or Trauma
  • Gender and/or Sexuality Studies
  • Genre Considerations (Biography, Autobiography, Memoir, Fiction, etc.)
  • Style (Abstract, Clear Line, Photorealism, etc.)
  • Affect and/of/in the Medium of Comics
  • Comics Production Processes


The special issue will be produced in conjunction with Amsterdam Comics’ second international conference, which will take place from 15-17 November 2018 at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands. Comprised of parallel panel sessions, keynote lectures, and a roundtable discussion, the conference aims to encourage interdisciplinary connections between comics scholars from various disciplines, comics artists, publishers, and cultural workers from museums and other heritage sites.


Special guest editor for this issue is Dr. Erin La Cour.


Abstracts are due on 1 August 2018. The extended deadline for abstract submission is 15 September 2018. Please submit by using the e-form.