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Digressions: Amsterdam Journal of Critical Theory, Cultural Analysis, and Creative Writing is committed to the open access publishing policy of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. All journal content is made available through our website free of charge.

In addition, all original content in the journal is published under a Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC-ND license. Under this license, authors retain ownership of the copyright for their content, but allow anyone to share, download, reuse, reprint, distribute and/or copy the content, as long as: (1) the original authors and source are appropriately acknowledged, (2) the work is shared solely for non-commercial purposes, and (3) the work is shared without changes to the content.

The conditions for using and sharing Digressions content are explained below.

Creative Commons Licensing Conditions

Read the full license legal code or the human-readable summary of the Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC-ND license.

This license applies to all original content in Digressions. In brief, this means that unless where otherwise stated, no prior permission from the authors or the journal for sharing or reusing the content of Digressions is required as long as the following conditions are observed:

1. Appropriate attribution (BY)

Appropriate attribution can be provided by citing the original article. This should include a reference to its initial publication in Digressions including volume, issue and page numbers.

For any reuse or redistribution of a work, users must also make clear the license terms under which the work was published. This can be done by referring to the applicable Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC-ND license terms.

2. Non-commercial use (NC)

The license only covers non-commercial use of the works published in Digressions. Therefore, if you intend to reuse the work for commercial purposes, for example by including it in a book to be published by a for-profit publishing company, prior permission must be obtained from the author, who holds the copyright.

3. No derivatives (ND)

The works appearing in Digressions may be reused only in their full and unadapted version as published in the journal. This means that making and publishing derivatives, for example by leaving out or transforming parts or sections of a work, is not permitted without prior authorization from the author, who holds the copyright.

Third-party content

The Creative Commons license only covers original work published in Digressions. This means that third-party works that are included in the journal, such as images or photography published alongside an article, are normally not covered by this license and may therefore not be reproduced elsewhere without permission from the copyright holder.

Third-party works in Digressions to which the Creative Commons license does not apply are clearly marked as such with a special notice regarding copyright.


In case you have questions or concerns regarding the (re)use of Digressions content, the Creative Commons licensing system, or third party rights, please contact the editors.